Pitch Refinement

Unclear value message, misalignment between slides and script, missing context and ‘so what?’, and a boring or confusing story… After hearing more than 5000 pitches by entrepreneurs from 80+ countries, I know what to listen and look for.  I will give you immediate feedback on your story, slides, and script.  And if you’re working towards a short term deadline, we will get it all done within a couple of days.  Companies I’ve worked with have raised millions in capital, found the right strategic partners, or had a successful exit.

Let me help you get your story straight. Book an online video session with me here or email me ASAP.

“I had the fortune to get input from Michelle on our business plan and company pitch. Her recommendations were very precise and her input was extremely valuable to us. Based on her feedback, we changed a few things around in our value proposition and pitch, and immediately received positive feedback from the market.” – Thomas Bülow, Co-founder and Co-CEO of ARPEDIO

“Michelle has provided strategic guidance for our startup bootcamps in Taiwan and Japan, and pitch guidance for our international StartUP University students; as both a pitch coach and a judge, she provides high-quality and insightful feedback to up-and-coming founders in a variety of industries and verticals. I look forward to continue to work with Michelle on our many new international initiatives.”Denyse Cardozo, CEO Silicon Valley Forum