What Clients Say

Speaking testimonials

“Michelle’s keynote was of great interest to the attendees. Later, she trained our mentor network in a workshop in Spanish. The content, presentation style, and methodology were of great quality.” – Martha Madrid, Directora de Emprendimiento, Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá.

“Michelle Messina was, without question, the talk of our first annual tech entrepreneurship conference in Jamaica. She spoke to the heads and hearts of our entrepreneurs and her words resonated – she was flocked and questioned by attendees and given the most kudos of the event. We were lucky to have had her.” – Ingrid Riley, Co-founder ConnectiMass and Host, Caribbean BETA.

“Michelle saves a lot of money and time for all the entrepreneurs aiming to come to Silicon Valley. She is an expert in the intricacies of Silicon Valley that every entrepreneur and investor should know. Her clarity, giving advice on how to do business here, paves the way for anyone willing to land in the Innovation Capital of the World.” – Miguel Casillas, Founder & Executive Director, SVLinks

“Corporations and startups working together can be challenging; different cultures, different mindsets, and different stages… Yet Michelle does an excellent job showing how both worlds can integrate and the best practices that can accelerate this journey! She was an awesome contribution to our event in Sao Paulo!”Fernanda Ciancia, Head of Digital and Growth Marketing, SoftwareONE Brasil.

CEO Coaching testimonials

“Before I started working with Michelle, I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of meeting with investors and building my start up. Michelle’s guidance and keen business sense allowed me to grow into my role as CEO and confidently navigate the startup scene.” – Ari Mostov, CEO and founder of Wellplay

“A big-big thank you for all of your advice, your efforts, (despite stubborn founders), you helped build a company that got to exit. Thank you!”. – Heikki Haldre, Founder, Fits.me Virtual Fitting Room

“Michelle has been my coach and sounding board almost since the start of my journey in the entrepreneurial world.  I really appreciate and value her feedback. She always asks the right question, provides excellent guidance, and is great at sorting through complex issues.” – Martin Kenneth Lopez, Managing Director, Tekton Labs

“I had the fortune to get input from Michelle on our business plan and company pitch. Her recommendations were very precise and her input was extremely valuable to us. Based on her feedback, we changed a few things around in our value proposition and pitch, and immediately received positive feedback from the market.” – Thomas Bülow, Co-founder and Co-CEO of ARPEDIO